Kindergarten Readiness at the Highest Level

Building the Life Skills of Communication,
Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Creativity,
and Commitment - Every Day

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Lasting Communication Skills

Working on a project together means having a meaningful discussion with teachers and peers. Your child will ask questions, exchange ideas, and take turns while actively listening to others. Asking, exchanging, and active listening are communication skills that we practice every day.

Building on Your
Child’s Natural Curiosity

We skip the drills and use interactive project-based learning instead. Project-based learning creates a meaningful, relevant, and age-appropriate context for your child. They expand their knowledge organically and find motivation in the natural awe of discovering the world around them.

Learning that Develops
Skills such as Attention,
Focus, and More

When children have the opportunity to ponder an idea and work toward a common goal step-by-step, they have time to assess and expand their approach. This assessment time introduces them to negotiation and investigation skills. The skills of attention and focus are primarily needed due to the drawn-out nature of project-based learning.

Self-confidence in a
Supportive Environment

Our professional and caring teachers start by assessing your child’s knowledge, then develop questions they’d like to investigate. Helping your child learn more through research and conversation naturally builds confidence, as does sharing their newfound knowledge with the class.

Refining Your Child’s
Ability to Problem Solve

Projects give children the time and framework to present and express ideas in creative ways that other activities don’t. They’ll be able to share strategies and explore which one might work best, or find one that’s a combination of two. Skills that are practical, applicable, and essential for your child’s future successes make up the better part of their day.

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