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Joy As the Glue That Binds

Our expert team recognizes the delicate and uniquely amazing early learning processes unfolding in each toddler in their care. We combine loving guidance, fun, and two amazing curriculums to shape your child’s learning as we share in the joy that they naturally inspire.
The Future Kids Method© Blends Two Amazing Curriculums

The Future Kids Method© Blends Two Amazing Curriculums

Using the best of both the Creative Curriculum and STEAM, our research-based early education program comes from the viewpoint of learning by playing with science. A thorough compilation of exciting class plans includes engaging, age-appropriate activities in the realms of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

Learning Pre-Math
Skills and Concepts

Different materials, such as our giant, soft, foam blocks, come in various sizes and shapes. Children can quickly and safely build with, tear down, and start all over again. We provide manipulatives that provide endless possibilities for learning concepts like weight, size, proportion, and structure to broaden math skills and knowledge.

Introducing the
Wonders of Science

Toddlers love pouring, sifting, and measuring. Our sand and water play stations allow them to do just that while they also exercise their fine motor skills and explore the different characteristics of elements around them. We introduce new materials to your child daily for their discovery, which we then incorporate into simple scientific experiments later on.

Cultivating Key Social Skills

Dramatic playing builds social-emotional intelligence and develops problem-solving because it allows children to act out real-life roles. Children choose from a collection of diverse dolls and stuffed animals in different sets and settings, in which they explore social interaction with each other. Teachers use gentle guidance to coach proper manners and etiquette throughout the day, like sharing, taking turns, and being polite with “please” and “thank you.”

Improving Self-Regulation and Shaping Self-Esteem with Art

Art is an avenue to self-improvement, as getting messy with playdough and paint teaches cause and effect, and lets your little one practice both gross and fine motor skills. The arts are also an essential outlet for self-expression. Practicing arts and crafts takes focus, patience, and dedication, which are invaluable for increasing their self-esteem.

Nurturing a Sense of Security with a Steady Routine

A consistent routine of circle time, learning center time, outdoor play, naps, and other daily activities happen at the same time every day to make transitions as smooth as possible. At this age, it’s crucial to develop a solid routine that lets little ones know what to expect next. Consistency enhances their security and allows their learning to skyrocket.

Individualized Planning and Teaming Up with Parents

We’re always eager to answer parent questions, and our empathetic and professional teachers communicate any issues that may need our joint attention, both academically and behaviorally. We take the time to observe your child, make a plan, give recommendations, track progress, and work with both your child and you directly to prompt positive, lasting change.

Being Here is Being 100% Safe

Seeing as no one enters through our doors without passing through our fingerprint identification system first, children are kept entirely safe. Cameras follow a 24/7 watch both inside the classrooms and outside our building so that you can be sure your child is learning and playing in security.
Outdoor Play As Essential Daily Exercise

Outdoor play As
Essential Daily Exercise

Our covered, outdoor, toddler playground is a safe place for children to exert growing muscles, interact with new friends, and use their imagination. Thanks to the variety of outdoor toys and equipment, sized for them, your child can develop both body and mind, rain or shine.

Parent Reviews

I love this school! The staff is excellent and does so great with all the kids. My son absolutely loves his teachers and the other ladies that he interacts with. He has learned so much and I'm so proud! I highly recommend Future Kids!

Heather J.

The school was clean and bright with cameras throughout the facility. Parents are able to view live video feed during the day. They serve a healthy diet. His teachers, Ms. Barbie and Ms. Jessica (to name a few) are caring and patient. It’s not hard to see that they truly care about his well-being. 

Ian S.

I would definitely recommend this daycare all the staff and teachers are wonderful. The teachers were very helpful and my daughter did improve in everything i saw her improvement right way> I would say that I love Future academy.

Isaura C.

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