A Well-Rounded Educational Experience

Complementing and Building on Your Child’s School Skills

after school | 5 - 10 years | Serving Lake Worth, Miami Lakes & West Palm Beach, FL

Challenging Minds and
Supporting Teamwork

Challenge your child to apply innovative thinking and problem-solving skills to fun projects without the pressures that come with formal grading. Allow your child’s creativity room to flow, as they delve into science projects, math exploration, and more. Small and large group activities invite cooperation, teamwork, and collaboration.

Extending opportunities
for play

Upwards of two hours of daily play is the standard for children, but often, with the busyness of school, they are unable to incorporate play into the school day. Here, they’ll catch up on this much needed, self-directed play and relieve any pent up energy that comes from hours of sitting.

Arts and Crafts as
Hands-On Self-Expression

Allow your child to discover new abilities and to explore familiar concepts they are learning in school, like using and combining shapes, measuring out lengths, and deciding use for the various art materials at their disposal. Allowing children to make choices and express themselves freely through art naturally boosts their self-esteem.

Theater Helps
with Self-Confidence

Learning a storyline and taking creative instruction builds listening skills and challenges memory too. Pretending to be in someone else’s shoes through role-playing creates an understanding of others and empathy. Performing in front of an audience builds unshakeable confidence and helps your child develop their sense of trust.

Finish Homework with
a Helping Hand

The Homework Club is a place where students can square away their homework under the guidance of adults who are ready to help and fill any learning gaps they may have. With homework out of the way, once home, your child will be able to focus on spending quality time with family.

Using Music to Broaden
Critical Thinking Skills

From Bach to rock, we’ll listen to a variety of music styles and use them as a springboard to talk about how and what makes them different, and ask what feelings each inspire and why. Your child will learn about themselves while getting to know various musical styles.

Inspiring Healthy
Movement Every Day

Using music to inspire movement makes it impossible for children to resist the natural urge to clap their hands, tap their foot, or bob their head to a beat. As they dance, kids get their heart rates up, stress levels down, and create new avenues of self-expression and fun.

A Social Hub for
Making New Friends

Class curriculums don’t always allow the time needed to connect with new friends. Creating an excellent opportunity for your child to make friends exercises the social-emotional skills they’ll use for a lifetime. We offer group opportunities for children to interact with each other and encourage them to learn more about each other.

Parent Reviews

Nothing but great things about this school! The children and parents are treated with love, and respect.  I am at ease coming to work knowing I'm leaving my children with "family". Thanks Future Kids for providing a safe place my kids can call home while my husband and I work... Forever grateful for this amazing school!

Christina P.

The teachers here are so loving and kind. My daughter is so happy to attend every day and has learned so much. I highly recommend this school!

Jackie C.

Amazing school from the front office staff to the teachers! Very friendly and professional Learning environment. They offer classes such as Music, sign language, Spanish class. Always fun filled activities going on as well. My child has learned so much.


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