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Nurturing Your Baby's Once-in-a-Lifetime Early Learning and Growth

infants | 1 - 12 months | Serving Lake Worth, Miami Lakes & West Palm Beach, FL

A Warm and Nurturing
Home Away From Home

Loving attention, plenty of eye contact, lots of cuddles, and a helping hand are just as crucial for your baby as learning motor skills and tummy time. Our devoted team of experts gives your baby all the affection and support they need to grow, flourish, and thrive.

Incorporating Your
Home Routine

At this early age, schedules are everything. Our team is ready and willing to coordinate with you to ensure a smooth transition from home when it comes to diapering, naps, and feeding times. By working closely with you, we turn the daily grind into smooth sailing for you.

Parents As Partners
in Early Learning

As their very first teachers, we know parents play a crucial role in their baby’s path to greatness. We offer you suggestions that complement their classroom learning. Turning everyday moments into brain-boosting exercises ensures the continuity of your child’s learning and gives them a sense of stability.
100% Safe With Video Surveillance And Fingerprint ID Verification

100% Safe with Video Surveillance and Fingerprint ID Verification

We take safety seriously, that’s why our building and classrooms are equipped with cameras, inside and out. We use fingerprint identity verification to ensure those who enter our building are authorized to do so. Your child’s safety is the very foundation of Futurekids Academy.

Evidence-Based Early
Learning Strategies

Your baby is creating connections by listening, seeing, touching, and babbling. The secret is to respond to their many cues and gently encourage these first attempts at movement and communication. We encourage and respond to your baby by talking, reading, and singing to them regularly throughout the day, in both English and Spanish.

Daily Repetition That
Expands Comprehension

Our infant curriculum provides age-appropriate, engaging learning activities to hone their skills. We invite your baby to smile, imitate, and play as we gently guide them to eventually grasp more significant concepts and recognize things through repetition, like the different parts to a face during mirror time.

Tummy Time, Movement, and Active Exploration Every Day

We encourage free movement, exploration, and touch as they exercise gross motor skills as they handle toys and books, and navigate the space through crawling. When ready, stretching limbs, lifting their head, rolling from back-to-belly, sitting up on their own, and walking are encouraged with open arms, ready to help.

Paving The Way For Language and Math With Music

Exposing infants to music helps them learn new sounds, the meanings of words and strengthens memory skills, and is the gateway to pre-language and math. Music exposes them to patterns, mathematical concepts, and develops active listening skills. We incorporate soft music in your baby’s routine as soon as possible, much to their delight.

Hands-On Exploration Of The World Around Them

New sights, sounds, and textures give your baby a deeper understanding of the world around them. Through touch, for example, they discover characteristics like the difference between velvet and cotton. We continually expose your child to new material to help move along their learning and to give them an array of first experiences.

Laughter and Learning
That is Fun

Count on our relaxed, good-humored team to fold play into the everyday. The Future Kids Method© increases your child’s enjoyment positively influences the love of learning for a lifetime. We expand on learning opportunities at a comfortable pace and in a playful, light-hearted way, prompting plenty of smiles and giggles.

Parent Reviews

Mrs.Tammy is the assistant director and she is the best! She is friendly and truthful. She is the type of person who will be 100% with you about anything.  I feel as if my daughter has learned so much. The infant teachers (Ms.Orisela) and (Ms.Vicky) are one of the best kind heart people i have ever met. When my daughter was in the infant class they took amazing care of her.

Kema M.

My daughter loves the daycare and the staff is just wonderful.

Lala L.

We absolutely loved everyone at Future Kids! Our son started there when he was six weeks old and they always took care of him as if he was their own! They always sent him home with art projects (that they obviously did but made it look like he did them) and always took updated pictures too!

Tami L.

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