Ready to Start Kindergarten with Confidence

All the Skills Your Child Will Need for a Successful Start to School

VPK | 4 - 5 years | Serving Lake Worth, Miami Lakes & West Palm Beach, FL

Keeping Your Child’s
Spark of Curiosity Bright

Our expert team encourages your child’s creativity, innovative thinking, and new approaches to problem-solving. Children investigate different angles to the same problem and explore effects and outcomes. This type of critical thinking is essential for success in Kindergarten, later in school, and also in life.

Honing Social Skills and
Mastering Cooperation

Group projects both at school and in later life require understanding inclusion, valuing different ideas, opinions, and how to have an open dialogue. Empathy and communication skills are practiced daily, as group projects and activities are part of The Future Kids Method©. Your child develops a natural ability to cooperate, can lead, learns to follow, and becomes capable of collaboration and true friendship.

Independence, Confidence,
and a Winning Attitude

Yes, your child will know how to spell their name, grasp a pencil, follow directions, clean up after themselves and use the restroom all on their own, making the new demands of Kindergarten easy to navigate. We encourage your child to personify a positive self-image which boosts their confidence, brightens their outlook, ensures a winning attitude, and allows them to move assuredly through life.

Our Top Priority Is
Your Child’s Safety

Camera surveillance ensures your child is safe at all times, as does fingerprint verification for access to the facility. We know that such school-wide state-of-the-art safety measures help put parents’ minds at ease. Rest assured that your child’s safety is always our top priority.

The Future Kids Method©
Makes Learning Fun

Early education is as much about having a blast as it is about learning their ABCs. Your little one will be thrilled to learn, through small and large group activities, as well as independently. The best of STEAM and the Creative Curriculum are combined to create a solid foundation for schooling and to ensure they are fully prepared for Kindergarten.

Encouraging Your Child’s
Natural Curiosity

Our curriculum incorporates STEAM projects to engage and inspire young learners. Children learn a modern, multi-dimensional approach to the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Your child will be eager to learn and participate in hands-on, experiential activities requiring the life skills of problem-solving, innovation, and critical thinking.

Remarkable Pre-Reading
and Language Skills

Your child will now understand book concepts like titles and authors, which page comes first, and how to track words left to right. Through letter recognition and identification, children get to know each letter’s sound, piece words together, improve their vocabulary, and develop an awareness of language. Sounding out words and identifying letters gives your child a headstart on Kindergarten-level writing.

Grasping Higher Level
Thinking and Mathematics

We incorporate concepts like more or less, above and below, long and short, and wide and narrow for math problems children can relate to. At more advanced levels, we tackle broader math concepts that are the basis for the higher level of thinking. We ensure your child has a solid grasp on the basics first, has a superb conceptual understanding of math, and is ready to learn more.

Getting Outside to
Play Every day

Active play is essential for developing muscles, motor skills, and overall physical health. Rain or shine, children will have daily outdoor play opportunities. More than merely scaling the climb to the slide, children are participating in team games, learning camaraderie, and practicing necessary social skills while at play.

Helping Parents
Raise Kind and
Competent Students

By partnering with parents and asking parents to participate in their child’s learning plan, which often only requires playful and straightforward tasks, we can make a significant impact on children’s behavior and learning potential.

Parent Reviews

Awesome school. They have an open door policy , lots of fun and educational activities. We feel very welcomed there! I recommend this school to everyone!


My son loves his teachers and is always bringing home interesting projects and sharing the many things he learns in class. ... I can highly recommend this school. I wouldn't want my son to be anyplace else!

Tanya M.

The staff is amazing and genuinely loving towards the children. They take the time to get get to know your child's needs and personality. They make you feel like part of a big family. My kids love it here! I love it here!

Cynthia D.

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