New Confidence and Accomplishments

Building on Abilities Daily With Science-Based Activities and Loads of Play

preschool | 3 - 4 years | Serving Lake Worth, Miami Lakes & West Palm Beach, FL

Our Caring and Expert
Team Sets Us Apart

Our professionally trained staff understand that although little ones are becoming more independent both physically and mentally at this age, they still crave one-on-one attention and need a lot of support. Our staff’s centered, caring, and patient demeanor allows each child to know they are safe, understood, and valued.

Guided Play Leads to
Exceptional Social Skills

Our dedicated teachers understand that social skills and self-regulation are priorities. We teach children about inclusion, taking turns, sharing, cooperation, and following game rules to build trust, understand, and apply boundaries. You’ll be proud to see them bring home these new social skills as well as to watch them practice these on the playground.

Safety is Always
Our Top Priority

We outfit our classrooms and center with cameras and require all those who come through our doors to go through our fingerprint identification system first. These state-of-the-art security measures ensure that your child is additionally watched over, not just by our vigilant teaching team, but on a high-tech school-wide level.

The Exhilarating Fun of
The Future Kids Method©

Early education is as much about having a blast as it is about learning their ABCs. Your little one will be thrilled to learn, through small and large group activities, as well as independently. The best of STEAM and the Creative Curriculum are combined to create a foundation for schooling and to guide your child’s development, giving them a headstart on all they need to know for school.

Early Literacy is the Building Block for Education

The Future Kids Method© introduces your child to letter recognition, phonological awareness, and understanding the different parts of a book. Our age-appropriate, print-rich environment makes books and storytelling a natural part of your child’s every day. Learning pre-reading skills lays the groundwork for zestful learning and school success.
Early Literacy Is The Building Block For Education

Storytime to Develop Listening Skills, Imagination, Reasoning, and More

Stories are about context, characters, and settings. We use storytime as a primer for conversations about what happened, why, and how. We encourage active listening, participation, and share concepts about story structure, which develop listening skills, imagination, and reasoning.

Active Outdoor Play
Together, Every day

With ample room to run, climb, or take a tricycle ride, your little mover will expand on their gross motor skills. At this age, daily exercise strengthens developing muscles and helps to hone social-emotional connections. Your child is active while making friends, playing games, and getting fresh air.

A Soaring Start to
Mathematical Skills

High expectations are easy to reach through play. Our games and activities help children identify shapes, count objects in sets up to 20, and recognize the different properties of objects to count. Such experiential play fosters lasting mathematical comprehension as well as the practical life skill of being familiar with money.

Nurturing Your Natural-Born Scientist with STEAM

The themes and activities in the STEAM component of our curriculum allow your child to develop critical thinking skills and build on their natural curiosity. Children dig deeper into science concepts by exploring and evaluating cause and effect, and by participating in age-appropriate, simple experiments. Science experimentation is hands-on, fun, and a thrilling start to this branch of knowledge.
Nurturing Your Natural-Born Scientist With STEAM
Classroom Visitors Share Their Wisdom And Knowledge

Classroom Visitors Share Their Wisdom and Knowledge

What do firefighters do? Why is brushing your teeth every day a must? Kids will hear it from the horse’s mouth, thanks to dedicated visits from professionals who do essential work in our community. From police officers to dentists, to zookeepers, our in-house visitors bring the wisdom of experience to your child and give them a glimpse into the workings of our beloved community.

Parent Reviews

We are very happy with the school . Our kids are treated with love and respect . Besides they have developed a lot every since they started to attend the daycare since months ago. We do recommend the Future Kids Academy for those parents that are searching for schools and haven’t decided yet.

Renata B.

Excellent academy for Pre-School Age, one of the best. Congratulations 🎉🎈 👍

Mileydi R.

Excellent childcare facility. They treat my son like their very own. Soooooo happy we found this place. My son is very happy here. Everyone is like family to him. Thank you future kids! You guys are the best!

Suen B.

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